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you can go short on the dollar. In an ideal situation, youd want to trade only those reports because they come with a higher probability of a bigger move after a news release. The Bollinger Bands is one of the technical studies that is developed by John Bollinger and is made up of a center line and two price channels (bands) above and below the middle line. When you want to trade the news in a specific direction, it is essential to be aware of what specifically about the news report that is or are likely to trigger the move in the market. A study found that the effect such news have on trading outcome commonly happens the first or second day, but the impact can sometimes hang about until the fourth day.

1.0, strategy, entry Rules, we start by analyzing price action before the NFP release just to give us a head start into what to possibly expect going into the release. Figure 1: Times at which various countries release important economic firex smoke alarm news What Are the Key Releases? Non-farm payrolls measure the payroll change of the non-farming private and public sectors. Then the decision is released to the public at around 9 pm New York time. Envisage that the unemployment rate has been rising continuously.

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