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weeks as reported on CBN site. Naira to, dollar for business or travel purposes. The arrows in the eagles left talon at the back of the 1 bill represent peace.

The second approach is the creation of an enabling framework where manufacturers will be able to do business with minimal hindrance or bottlenecks experienced in the registration of businesses, and enabling policies to aid in smooth functioning of businesses, and industries. Poor investment in exportation Nigeria is blessed! Nigeria still exports crude oil and imports Premium Motor Spirit (petrol gasoline, Kerosene and other constituents of crude oil which shouldve been refined within the country; but guess what? This is not unconnected with the fact that Nigeria is a predominantly import-dependent country, with imported goods ranging from electronics, mobile devices, clothing, jewelry, vehicles, consumables as well as processed food products among several others. Inflation rate in Nigeria is.33. This was a strategy employed by the regulatory body, the CBN to shore up the value of the Naira. Over the past months, the variations have been really wide and this can be a major concern for people interested in transferring funds.

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The US dollar has over 70 recognized nicknames. From being the forex capital trading reviews largest economy in Africa and one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the Nigerian economy has nose-dived inexplicably. The Nigerian mentality The general Nigerian mentality about anything foreign-made is that its better than home-made. The Nigerian, naira has fallen to 360 in exchange for the USD at the black market today (mallam exchange rate which is a value higher than what is obtainable for the interbank market launched recently. The dollar to naira black market rate is 363.