"open.10833, "low.10833, "high.11044, "close.11023, "time Where buy stands for whether the specific trade was made. Example: var trades tTrades(candlesticks, strategy: strategy console. Function progressCallback(strategy, fitness, generation) console. Revenue is the the revenue that was obtained at the end of a trade. This function is invoked when one generation passes. Strategy is the result from the findStrategy function and defines when to buy and when to sell.

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Log(strategy This could print something like: Fitness:.0; Generation:. To do further builds you can use node-gyp build, you can run embedded examples which are located cat runner game online in the examples folder cd examples node example, nPM, you can install alytics via npm: npm install alytics, usage. progressCallback parameter has to be a function. However, every time I try to do it, it does not launch or install. Where strategy stands for the currently best strategy found in a certain generation. Open:.113990, high:.113990, low:.113890, close:.113890, time: targetTimeframe parameter defines the target interval in seconds Example: * Converts candlesticks from lower timeframe to 30 minute timeframe function convertTo30MOhlc(candlesticks) return nvertohlc(candlesticks, 1800 This function can be used for converting ticks to ohlc as well. It contains three arguments: strategy, fitness, generation.

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