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schedule. So, well done and all power to you. To some people, this may seem so few steps. I have an email list where I occasionally send updates to readers on the trading systems that Im developing. Keep up the good work! But there are very few books on the market that show you how to actually do this. The reason I finished reading so quickly is that I could not put it down. You also receive trailing stop alerts as a trade moves in your favor. (We teach you an excellent trailing stop methodology designed by Power E-mini if you currently do not have one). I like the focus on the mind and money management." Steve Andrewes "Hi David, As usual, a great work! I thought the things I read explained mean reversion quite clearly, but I wasnt entirely clear on how to implement momentum investing and trading strategies, so I decided to research it more thoroughly.

All told, a great document for the beginner and a good refresher for the more experienced.". It is designed to issue Trade Alerts on statistically verified market conditions that develop just before large momentum breakouts occur. Either you hit the full macro target or the market will knock you out at the trailing stop. Momentum is the foundation for a large number of quantitative and systematic trading strategies. Utilize our futures brokers knowledge to assist you in evaluating and adapting your trading strategies. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Better yet, the signals are generated by a new state-of-the-art Automated System, not a human trade caller. Just follow the System Trade Alerts.

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The no nonsense, down to earth advice about a realistic path to trading success. It summarizes a lot of things about trading with just 56 pages; other books would have been around 200 pages or more. The first thing I did after reading the Ultimate Trading System was to write out my trading system. Mike Murray Business Consultant Trader Johannesburg, South Africa "Dear David, Thank you for the Ultimate Trading Systems. An example implementation of this momentum is to enter into a long position if the past 12-month return is positive and enter into a short position if the past 12-month return is negative. Some researchers have attempted to explain that the excess returns keuntungan trading forex per bulan from momentum are compensation for assuming additional risk, but I think the more compelling set of explanations is that momentum exists due to deeply rooted human behavioral biases and predictable but irrational behavior. Keep your good job, David!" Siew Wai Yow - Malaysia "I was favorably impressed with the e-book. YOU should therefore carefully consider whether such trading IS suitable FOR YOU IN light OF your financial condition. There is then a clear description with the elements a trading plan must contain : the perfect entry, the excellent risk management and the perfect exit. Whether you are an experienced trader, or you are new to futures trading, we offer everything a commodity futures trader could possibly want:. W - O - W! Best wishes, Jason Tan - Penang, Malaysia This is the strategy I was waiting for.

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