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but not the obligation, to buy or sell currency at a specified exchange rate during a specified period of time. BRL - The Brazilian Real. Hawks take the position that higher interest rates are preferable with specific regard to inflation. Unconvertible Currency - A currency that cannot be exchanged for another because of foreign exchange regulations. One of the greatest examples of a time stop comes from Jack Schwagers Market Wizards interview of Paul Tudor Jones.

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Cross Rate - An exchange rate between two currencies, usually constructed from the individual exchange rates of the two currencies, as most currencies are"d against the dollar. GBP - The Great British Pound. It holds regular meetings at which the UK interest rate is reviewed, with minutes of the meeting released to explain the views of the committee. Vanilla - Typically used to describe the simplest type of option. CAC/CAC40 - The primary French stock exchange. Tarp (Troubled Asset Relief Program) - A programme started in October 2008 whereby the US Treasury bought illiquid assets from banks and other financial institutions, thus allowing them to stabilise their balance sheets. Learn about our: forex international trading corp Audio Squawk, scrolling text headlines, and other services we offer, click here to learn more.