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: Monday is a banking holiday for the forex markets. I have also been trading Forex for a couple years and one of the guys that has bought all the robots and all the scams that come along and its nice to finally find some people that are doing what they are saying and doing. I feel very fortunate to have personally been a part of this specific day in which you covered these 3 Essential Elements to Achieving Long Term Success in Trading and in my opinion, in life itself. Individual results may vary, individual results may vary, michael Lowsletter. This has happened; I can feel it in my bones. Im very happy with my progress and am confident within the next 18months I will achieve the 100k account growth. Good trading to you, Ted,. Brent Webb, individual results may vary.

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A break.0960 is another sell signal for a move to lower levels. Craig Chaney, individual results may vary, individual results may vary. So to me the software is excellent! Since I found you guys I am growing my account steady! Forex trading involves significant risk OF loss AND MAY NOT BE suitable FOR ALL investors. I have been learning to trade for 18 months now and at some point I realized that trading was forex indikatoren erklärung actually confronting me with myself; parts of myself that I knew existed, but very rarely experienced; other dimensionsof my greed, impatience and fear became clear. . The lecture by Rande spoke to my heart. You will know when you should get in out. To attend Greg Secker's upcoming free Forex workshop, visit. Another great month, just over 20! James Smith Individual results may vary. The planetary support numbers for Wednesday for the EUR/USD are likely to be within a few pips of these key levels: 0870* (retest 0844, (strong 0756, 0730 (strong).

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