ooredoo money exchange rate qatari riyal to php

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From QAR to PHP, qAR PHP QR 1 QAR.70 PHP QR 5 QAR.49 PHP QR 10 QAR 146.98 PHP QR 50 QAR 734.90 PHP QR 100 QAR 1,469.79 PHP QR 250 QAR 3,674.48 PHP QR 500 QAR 7,348.96 PHP QR 1,000 QAR 14,697.93. The banknotes and coins are issued and circulated by the Qatar Central Bank. Riyal has an exchange value of 15-22 Indian Rupees. Valid in, qatar, qatari, riyal, note, convert INR to QAR. History of daily rates QAR /PHP since Wednesday, The maximum was reached on Saturday, 1, qatari rial. It is one of the nations with the highest per capita income in best international travel cash card the world. Ooredoo Mobile Money lets customers send money quickly, easily and safely for collection at more than 347, 000 MoneyGram agents in countries around the world, all through the convenience of their mobile phone. . The country depends upon its huge reserves of fossil fuels making it one among the richest in the world.