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accurate and up-to-date information on this presentation the presentation is provided on an "as is" basis with no warranties of any kind. Applicants shall, subsequent to an assessment of their integrity and competence, be granted an investment services licence from the Malta Financial Services Authority (mfsa). Forex Brokerage License at a reasonable cost with reasonable capital deposit requirements. To get started, contact us using the information below. other restricted markets not accepted). Contact Us to become a client and get your Vanuatu Forex Brokerage License Today! Some material changes for the retail foreign exchange trading industry have been maturing for some time. UK trading: whilst you do normally need a license if you're intending to offer a brokerage service to UK customers and are UK based, you can still legally trade in the UK and offer brokerage services without a license in some circumstances. Malta Forex Company Formation Packages 11950, malta Forex Company License click Here for a Full Written"tion the Forex industry is one of the most dynamic industries available on the international markets, with trillions of dollars being traded on a yearly basis. . Offshore jurisdictions offer many interesting possibilities because: a) Many will allow.

Those who are requesting services to Financial Licensing Advisors do so at their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with any laws or regulations applicable to them. Pre-Licensing Once the review of the draft application and supporting documents have been completed and the draft licence conditions have been agreed, the mfsa shall issue an in principal approval for the issuance of the licence. Legal assistance, we can assist you with ALL services relating to the licensing process, including the following documents: the completed form Application for an Investment Services License; covering letter (template included in the Application form Auditors Confirmation (template included in the Application form supporting Board. While some of them might simply be looking if they can get a good price for their client book, others are committed to exiting the market. Reporting is required every quarter and annually to the Regulator. Generally, onshore jurisdictions impose much higher capital requirements on applicants and consequently the costs of setting up in those jurisdictions is very high when compared to some of the offshore financial centres. You will not disclose any of this information to any person or use it for any purpose other than those strictly permitted by us, in writing. Some brokers, like true-STP provider, jFD Brokers went as far as executing large M A deals, yet others are apparently looking to exit the market. Malta has established itself as a reputable financial center, attracting a critical mass of Forex Investments companies, including some household names.

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