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by learning Accounting. This way you give up some money but save all the hauling time. Its return on time is better than regional hauling, up to 500M/hour if you have enough money. Obviously the buy orders are smaller than sell orders so the difference is your profit. To finish the career agent missions you will need skills like Destroyers, so don't expect to finish them all in your first day. The main problem of station trading is the.01 curse. Start with I10-P4 to learn Cybernetics 4, plug in the implants, learn all the various skills above, remap W10-C4 learn Trade 4, Retail 5, Broker 5, remap C10-M4.

Trading in, eve, online offers a possibility for massive profit if done correctly.
The eve is what I call the operational profitgiven by the difference between the trading and the outgoing summed over trading the trader characters, computed over the entire month strategies this case from.
Eve, online Station, trading - Instant Isk, eve.
Mogul Market, trading, guide, eve, online An important advantage of this strategy is that strategies offers diversification.

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You can choose a trading profession. The skills he is focused to are the skills to be able to set up the orders and the skills and standings (reputation with NPC factions) needed to minimize the fees. If you are not sure, start a Caldari first, as Jita is the main trading hub. Items in the game are generated by PvE activities: killing NPC pirates, running errands for NPC mission agents and mining. If you have a main that can do L4 combat missions, you shall just fleet with your main, fly to the mission point in a capsule (NPC pirates ignore it) and let your main finish. What items to trade? Of course if your primary goal is to be rich, your main account is the trader. Each mission bunch provide another 10M money and good standings.

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