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currency pairs can be found. As a sole issuer of this legal tender, it works hand-in-hand with all commercial banks of the country, institutions, and private individuals in other to preserve the prestige and value of the national currency. It attributed the drop in the value of the Naira to the Dollar forex rates or tambo to the activities of speculators within the currency market who it accused of hoarding Dollar supplies, thus creating an artificial scarcity within the currency market which led to a huge decline. However, Nigerians cannot be blamed entirely, as the technology applied to the finishing of products is still crude, and as such, there is a stark difference in quality between some foreign goods compared to those manufactured in the country. CBN Official Exchange Rate of Dollar to Naira Today.

Whatever type of currency you send into the country, you are left at the mercy of the prevailing rates that keeps floating. "The euro's becoming weaker naturally helps the German export economy and that helps all of the German economy get back on track Volker Treier, chief economist at the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The minor currency unit is called kobo, as one hundred of it would make it one Naira; as also the major currency unit is known as the Naira which would be equivalent to ten shillings. How much is Dollar to Naira exchange rate today? . Scroll down for Todays Rate, this article would will discuss the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar (CAD) to the Nigerian Naira (NGN) today.

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Size14pt, weak euro could help European recovery /size, exports will be cheaper, which will especially be good for Germany 5/18/2010, berlin, as jittery markets fret about the plunging euro, experts say there's a potential upside: Europe's economies stand to profit from the drop of the. We try our best to update it almost daily as there are changes in the rate/ parallel/black market. This dollar black market rate keeps hovering around 360.e. This was a strategy employed by the regulatory body, the CBN to shore up the value of the Naira. This introduction that prompted its introduction was as a result of; The durability of the polymer note as against the paper note. This also may either be major or minor fluctuations. Receiving: N353.23, moneyGram Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today Black Market. 1- N363, do you think it will go any higher or come crashing down anytime soon? All these discourage foreign investors and drive away those who have investments.

When it comes to the diplomatic relations with each other, the United States and Canada are more bonded to each other than they are to Mexico. This has left much to be desired as people prefer using or buying durable and beautifully finished products over those which look crude. Before now, and even after the implementation of the devaluation of the Naira, the Naira had been witnessing a free fall.

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