old currency exchange rbi rules

India notes up to an amount not exceeding.25,000 (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) per person. The non-performing assets, upon restructuring, would continue to have the same asset classification as prior to restructuring. Of the basic fare in the case of international bookings of passage for travel by air. Further, ICEs shall be subject to the following: The CRAs shall be directly engaged by the lenders and the payment of fee for such assignments shall be made by the lenders. For other accounts with aggregate exposure of the lenders below 20 billion and, at or above 1 billion, the Reserve Bank intends to announce, over a two-year period, reference dates for implementing the RP to ensure calibrated, time-bound resolution of all such accounts in default. The details of the revised framework are elaborated in the following paragraphs. Not after you read this guide! With reference to the requirements contained in sub-regulations 10 (1) (ia) (a) of the sast Regulations, 2001, at the time of selling the equity instruments acquired by banks (as part of a restructuring exercise) in favour of a new promoter, the selling price may.

Resident Indians who travelled abroad for a temporary period, NRIs returning home from a foreign visit and foreign citizens (tourists) of any other country (excluding Pakistan and Bangladesh) can carry up to Rs 25,000 per person when travelling to India without any need of declaration. In case of restructuring, the accounts classified as 'standard' shall be immediately downgraded as non-performing assets (NPAs.e., sub-standard to begin with. As soon as there is a default in the borrower entitys account with any lender, all lenders singly or jointly shall initiate steps to cure the default. Determination of value in respect of certain supplies (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Act or in these rules, the value in respect of supplies specified below shall be determined in the manner provided hereinafter. In the case of conversion of convertible securities into equities, the reference date shall be the date on which the bank approves the conversion of the convertible securities into equities. Here are some of the best deals to get you started with the best exchange rate, zero fees and first-time customer offers.

Value of supply of goods or services or both between distinct or related persons, other than through an agent. The resolution plan (RP) may involve any actions / plans / reorganization including, but not limited to, regularisation of the account by payment of all over dues by the borrower entity, sale of the exposures to other entities / investors, change in ownership, or restructuring. Subsequent changes to value of the equity will be dealt as per the extant prudential norms on investment portfolio of banks.